The Loqate Engine 2012 Q2.0 Released: Global Address Search

Loqate Inc. today announced that it has shipped the 2012 Q2.0 release of The Loqate Engine to customers and OEMs. This release includes new query and search capabilities, strengthened parsing, new country identification functions, and enhanced transliteration and formatting for addresses in over 240 countries. Benefits to applications in which the Loqate components are integrated include better application control over the address verification process, more accurate results, and dramatically increased performance and throughput.

“As organizations become global, the importance of accurate and robust location information becomes critical to the success of that organization,” said Martin Turvey, CEO and President of Loqate. “In a little more than two years, the Loqate development team led by CTO Paul Flew has delivered a product set that in many cases surpasses those that have been on the market for over a decade. As a result, many software companies in the Data Quality and Master Data Management markets are making the shift to Loqate.”

The 2012 Q2.0 release is the capstone of a series of product releases begun in Q4 2011 to deliver new gains in performance and features to Loqate OEMs and resellers and ultimately their customers. Features delivered include:

  • New Parsing, Query, and Format Tools to provide greater application control over the address search and verification process.
  • New Country Identification module to aid in data parsing and verification
  • New ports to Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and System-Z platforms in addition to existing Windows, Linux, and Cloud Architectures
  • Verify process now based on Parse->Match->Format processes, resulting in an average of 5x performance improvement, significantly more in some situations
  • New caching and data management functionality for the Loqate Global Knowledge Repository to speed response time
  • New Account Management Facility to provide better management of address verification and geocoding transactions in The Loqate Cloud
  • Transliteration now exists for 10 languages and character sets – Latin, Kanji (Japanese), Cyrillic (Russia), Hellenic (Greece), Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Hangul ( South Korea ), Hebrew, Thai, and Arabic

The 2012 Q2.0 release is currently available to Loqate OEMs, Resellers, and customers. Detailed release and support information is available at More information on Loqate OEMs and Resellers can be found at

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