GIS Health Check – West University Place, Texas Ensures Continued GIS Success

West University Place, Texas, a suburb of Houston, is the home of many Rice University professors and other professionals.  The City has been utilizing GIS for a number of years.  With the help of Geographic Technologies Group (GTG), they have integrated GIS with their existing IT investments and have created a host of GIS data.  Gary McFarland, IT Director, for West University Place understands the need to continue to improve and to ensure that his organization has the tools they need to get their job done.  James Kelt, South Central Regional Manager, for GTG states: “Mr. McFarland was considering ideas for more fully utilizing GIS.  A variety of needs existed.  We spoke with him about our unique planning methodology and our popular “GIS Health Check”.  The Health Check allows us to quickly evaluate client needs and gaps in their systems.  After discussing this innovative approach to strategic planning, Mr. McFarland agreed that this was exactly what West University Place was needing.”  For less than $5,000 the City will get a full on-site diagnostic of their existing GIS to include how it interfaces with other IT investments, a data evaluation, and a road map for the next three years.  GTG is the leader in GIS Strategic Planning worldwide with over 700 clients.  Curtis Hinton, President of GTG, states: “Our goal is to be the best consulting company that our clients have ever utilized.  West University Place has been a great customer and we are looking forward to making them a continued success.”

For more information about the GIS Health Check call Curt Hinton at 919-344-2169, email him at [email protected] or go to the following:

About Geographic Technologies Group, Inc. (GTG):

GTG is a full-service local government GIS consulting company offering specialized experience in the planning, design, implementation, and procurement of geo-technologies.  GTG has unmatched technical GIS capabilities, demonstrated successes, international experience, and a reputation for successfully implementing the right solutions. GTG develops GIS products that spatially enable various enterprise solutions and integrates an organization’s IT investment via a common interface. GTG also offers stand alone products for land management, public safety, public access, touch screen technology, and utilities. 

GTG has more than 700 clients located throughout North America and Europe and serves all levels of government as well as the private sector. To support our clients, GTG maintains four offices located across the United States: Headquarters in North Carolina, and regional offices in Texas, Florida, and Ohio.

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