CARIS Calendar Competition, What is Location Intelligence Video

Summary: eSpatial has an introduction to GIS video, 1Spatial has launched a certification program for its software products, Safe Software has made its latest webinar on raster data available online, and CARIS has a calendar competition.  SSTL, Bluesky, StreetMapper, OGC, NVision, and Valtus Imagery Services have industry news. 


eSpatial has launched a new video aimed at explaining the value of GIS for  businesspeople unfamiliar with the discipline.  Entitled “What is location intelligence?”, the 4-minute video is pitched at a non-expert audience, and aims to provide a brief overview of: What GIS is, benefits of using GIS, a business perspective of how GIS software works, an overview of eSpatial OnDemand GIS, SaaS-based GIS software.  View “What is location intelligence?”

The Radius Studio Accreditation Programme has been launched by 1Spatial:

With a hands-on focus, certifications are based on practical implementations of the Radius Studio technology, which can be in a variety of scenarios. There are two levels of accreditation; Practitioner and Professional, where, to be a Professional, you must already hold the Practitioner level certification.

Safe Software’s “Maximize the Value of Raster Data Using FME” is now available on-demand. To view it or to share it with others, access the recorded webinar.

Call for Participation

CARIS is encouraging users of its software to enter their geospatial datasets, maps, charts or 3D views to the 2012 CARIS Calendar Contest. The Contest represents an opportunity for the CARIS user community to showcase their favourite CARIS images.  The deadline for submissions to the 2012 CARIS Calendar Contest is September 16, 2011. To view past winners of the CARIS Calendar Contest, please visit:

Industry News

The Nigerian-built satellite, NigeriaSat-X, has acquired its first satellite image just three days after the successful launch on 17th August.

Revealing buildings and the landscape surrounding the city of Auckland, New Zealand, this image demonstrates that the satellite’s enhanced 22m wide-area multi-spectral imagery for mapping, agricultural monitoring and disaster relief programmes works well.

High resolution aerial photography is being used to create a new map of Birmingham. Supplied by aerial survey specialist Bluesky the digital imagery will be used to create a royalty free base map to support Interconnect Birmingham a project to raise the profile, image and identity of the city. It is hoped that the interactive map, which will feature visitor attractions, hotels, green spaces and other features of interest, will help improve the experience of visitors to the city and support a multi channel, multi-modal movement and information system.

StreetMapper, the vehicle-based laser mapping system, is being used to assess the damage caused by the Japanese earthquake of the 11th March 2011. The mobile mapping system, purchased from Mirukuru and operated by Asia Air Survey, has been used to capture highly detailed 3D survey data.  This data will be used to assess the structural damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami, as well as the effects of soil liquefaction – loss of strength from saturated soil – which is an important factor in the disaster hit area where much of the land is reclaimed from the sea.

NVision Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the iPhone “REACT  Scout” application to accompany its Real-Time Emergency Action Coordination Tool (REACT) web-based emergency management system for first responders.  The REACT Scout application allows public safety officials in the field to send GPS-located photo and incident reports to a central common operating picture.  Any authorized official can then view these reports in a map-based common operating picture through the web.

Contracts and Partnerships

Valtus Imagery Services, a division of North West Geomatics Ltd. and Surdex Corporation announced that they have entered into a partnership whereby Surdex will both supply as well as distribute data through the Valtus delivery system.

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) and the OpenMI Association announced that they recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to cooperate in standards development and promotion of open standards related to computer modeling.

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