Orbit GT selected by Antwerp Police

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies is proud to announce that the Antwerp Police force has chosen a range Orbit GT’92s Public Safety solutions.

The Antwerp Local Police force is the largest police unit in Belgium.’a0 Responsible for one of the densest mobility networks in the country and one of Europe’92s main harbors, traffic management is a key focus.

The Antwerp Police force chose a range of Orbit GT’92s solutions for traffic and crime analysis, and safety management: Traffic Analysis, Traffic Obstructions, Accident Analysis, Accident Sketches, Law Enforcement planning.

’93A majority of local police forces have already chosen for our range of Public Safety solutions’94, said Peter Bonne, VP Business Development at Orbit GT. ’93We are proud of Antwerp’92s choice for Orbit GT, which confirms our leading market position.’94

To train the large number of officers of the Antwerp Police force, a special educational program has been developed which is now registered as official training within national police schools.

About Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies

Orbit Geospatial Technologies (Orbit GT) is located in Lokeren, Belgium, and operated since 1972 until 2010 under the name of Eurotronics.’a0 Privately owned, Orbit GT has developed high level and multi-platform GIS solutions gaining market leadership in government, public safety and mapping industry businesses.

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VP Business Development

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