Free Ordnance Survey maps and data on FIND

FIND, the UK’s most advanced online mapping website, has expanded its free data library with two new products from Ordnance Survey; Landform Panorama, a broad brush terrain model of the UK, and Street View, a 1:10000 scale map especially designed for online use.

Street View can be viewed, printed and exported completely for free. Landform Panorama is also free to export and has even been made uniquely available as a hill-shade map layer. There are no ‘express service’ charges; with FIND remaining committed to providing free data that really is free.

Mariam Crichton, FIND ‘s Development Director, said: ’93We are pleased to announce the addition of even more free data on FIND, we now hold the largest instant access business to business free data library in the UK. This new data has not simply been put on FIND in its raw form, but transformed innovatively, like the Landform Panorama derived hill-shade map layer, or allowing flexible exporting in a variety of formats and sizes.’94

This month also sees FIND become one of a select few mapping providers in the UK to offer professional quality maps and data for Northern Ireland from OSNI. In addition, FIND has launched an exclusive London Building Heights map to instantly view or print a colour-coded height map with simple, easy-to-understand attributes.

Notes to Editor:

1. FIND is the UK’92s

2. ‘a0 ‘a0 the most user-friendly, interactive and advanced mapping website, allowing

3. ‘a0 ‘a0 property and environmental professionals access to key information across

4. ‘a0 ‘a0 the UK.

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6. Detailed

7. ‘a0 ‘a0 product information on FIND’92s new releases.

8. Picture:

9. ‘a0 ‘a0 Hill-shade from Landform Panorama over Locale map on FIND (free to view)


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